Realize the value of your
Digital Investment


ITHENA is a new-age digital technology company!

Our AI-based applications provide acceleration and scale to transforming our customers businesses – across manufacturing, life sciences, services, supply chain, and government, among other industries.

Utilizing the proven scale of enterprise software and the nimbleness of new-age digital technology – ITHENA persona-based applications augment Human Intelligence with Generative AI, using IoT | AI  | Cloud | Modern application development!

The outcomes of our solutions enable customers to become smarter and run their operations safer!  Know more on how ITHENA can help you monetize on your digital investments!

Our Mission

To create value for our customers by providing a return on their digital investments.

To provide a thriving work culture of innovation, creativity, balance & transparency for our employees and ecosystem!

Our Values

We pride ourselves on being a company that puts its people at the center of our business.

We serve our employees, customers, partners, and the society at large with our core values of FOCIG.


Conviction for our mission


Accountability of quality of work


Innovation with integrity


Respect & transparency for all

Think global act local


When you spend as much time as you do at work - ITHENA believes that a thriving work atmosphere is a must.  ITHENA offices provide second to facilities to enable a work environment that is creative, supportive, inclusive and engaging for our employees & partners.

While we are committed to the best quality of deliverables, we are equally engaged in having a fun-day-week-month and years at work... From indoor sports to outdoor fun, ITHENA teams get to balance their work-life through their career!