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ITHENA's manufacturing services help businesses gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Our comprehensive services encompass the entire automation journey by integrating your assets in the factory or in the field with state of the art Industrial software, persona-driven visualizations, integrated business processes - resulting in predictive operations | reduced downtime | immersive automated experience. Enable productivity gains operational savings opportunity with our proven Manufacturing Systems Integration capability.

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Enhancing Assembly and Servicing Processes with ITHENA’s IoT services

Our client encountered challenges related to complex assembly/disassembly instructions, a learning curve for new shop floor technicians, and delays in launching new products to the market.

To tackle these issues, ITHENA's IoT service team implemented a comprehensive AR-based visual guide on tab and mobile devices, providing step-by-step assembly and disassembly instructions that significantly reduced training time. The guide included 360-degree views of focus parts and detailed renderings of sub-assemblies, resulting in faster product introductions. By incorporating FBX objects and adopting the Unity 3D framework, the quality of assembly products and customer satisfaction was increased.

To enhance the experience of employees and simplify learning and application processes, the team integrated HoloLens for a more immersive experience and streamlined the back-end system to automate workflows.

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