Energy, Utility & Government

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Energy, Utility & Government

We empower businesses in Energy and Utility industries and Government sectors to achieve operational excellence, maximize uptime, manage costs, and embark on their digital transformation journey with our smart solutions. ITHENA’s intelligent range of offerings help the Energy and Utility industries and Government sectors maximize uptime and deliver operational excellence while managing costs.
Empowering businesses to digitally transform by:

Enhancing operational efficiency and predictive equipment maintenance

Turning data into powerful business insights and taking strategic decisions

Improving the quality of life by making communities greener and safer

Benefit from our years of experience in digital transformation to optimize your business operations!

What We Offer

Use Cases

An Aerospace and Defense Electronics Company opts for ITHENA’s iSERV application

The client is into Defence and Space Manufacturing industry, utilizing ITHENA’s iSERV solution to anticipate untimely equipment maintenance needs. The radar systems of the defense electronics company were experiencing high equipment downtime because of outdated components. The company sought predictive analytics for spare parts consumption in order to reduce inventory costs.

With iSERV, client is able to reduce inventory and service costs, increase efficiency, and predict obsolescence.

increase in productivity
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Revolutionizing city infrastructure with ITHENA’s Smart Street Light Solution

ITHENA's Smart Street solution was implemented in a prominent city that was facing challenges related to high energy consumption and safety concerns in poorly lit areas.

ITHENA’s Smart Street Light solution - iSSL was deployed to overcome these challenges by enabling real-time monitoring and control over the lights. Traditional lights were replaced with energy - efficient smart street lights, resulting in reduced energy consumption and improved illumination. Smart lighting control systems were also implemented for remote monitoring, automated scheduling, and adaptive brightness control based on ambient conditions.

reduction in energy costs
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