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Smart Manufacturing

From engineering to manufacturing to servicing, get a 360 degree experience on your manufacturing journey!

Factory Operations

From Digitizing your daily stand-ups to running a Paperless, Predictive Factory – our solutions help make your operations sustainable, futuristic, and scalable!

ITHENA's smart manufacturing solutions help manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation journey by digitizing their operations.

Automate Shopfloor Standups| Product & Process Traceability | Operational Excellence | Predictive Service Ops

We help manufacturers seamlessly traverse through the entire lifecycle of their manufacturing and servicing journey (represented by 4M’s) by providing solutions for each critical stage like Product Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics and Customer service.
Looking for solutions that can help you in any of the below categories?
We’ve got you covered.

Model - Solutions that aid in Product engineering and designing

Make - Solutions that help in your manufacturing processes

Move - Solutions that help track logistics and supply chain activities

Maintain - Solutions to help you service your customers better

Know how our Smart Manufacturing solutions
have helped businesses

iGEMBA solution for a leading battery manufacturer

The client is a global battery and battery management systems manufacturer. They faced challenges with their KPI monitoring, due to its manual, paper-based nature and lack of visibility of critical shop floor parameters.

To overcome these challenges, ITHENA deployed its iGEMBA solution, a flexible, intuitive, and integrated GEMBA walk tool that digitized their daily huddles on the factory floor, allowing the client to configure KPI formulae and track corrective actions / tasks with Kanban boards.

This helped the client to get a single-view of shop-floor KPIs and provided real-time visibility into issues and tasks

decrease in issue resolution time
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iMEX solution for a global automotive and mobility supplier

Our client is a leading manufacturer in the automotive and mobility industry with 300 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Their production facility had a set of injection molding machines whose age varied between 5 – 25 years due to which they were unable to connect them to a single system and monitor their performance, resulting in a lot of manual intervention and decrease in overall productivity.

To overcome this challenge, iMEX, our smart manufacturing solution was deployed at the client’s premises resulting in seamless connectivity between the machines despite their varied architecture. iMEX also empowered the client to remotely collect real-time data related to critical parameters like hold time, thereby gaining better operational insights and optimizing their operations.

increase in productivity
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iSERV for a leading data-driven AI/ML company

The client is pioneering a new class of data-driven and physics-informed ML/AI that reduces data requirements by orders of magnitude. They required an easy way to gather a large volume of data from substantial vehicular machines and displaying that data to end users in the form of dashboards or graphs.

ITHENA’s smart service application – iSERV, was provided for user-friendly, persona-based dashboards to forecast total predicted accumulated wear and fuel consumption based on ML/AI models. This effort improved the deployment and production time for analytical models and reduced costs by implementing a black-box approach to analytical modelling.

increase in operational efficiency
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Smart Infrastructure

Technologies that improve lives and make communities smarter and more energy efficient.


Make our communities, localities, state, federal government

smarter & safer with ITHENA’s persona-based applications!

ITHENA's solutions enable communities to function more efficiently, effectively, making them smarter for the providers, and safer their constituents.

From optimizing energy consumption, to connecting mobile assets & deploying smart infrastructure that provides real-time information, predictive management, and integrated service - ITHENA’s persona-based applications transform the way the next generation infrastructure is deployed, managed & serviced.

Know how our Smart Infrastructure solutions
have helped businesses

iSEC - Smart Electric Vehicle Charging solution for a prominent EV charging infrastructure provider

The client is a leading aerospace and defense company that also provides electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to their end customers. The state – owned organization was looking for a comprehensive EV charging solution that could optimize energy consumption and overcome peak demands.

iSEC, our smart EV charging solution was therefore, the ideal choice as it was powered with remote station management capabilities and helped the client in optimizing energy consumption through load balancing feature.

In addition, it also provided them with insights related to energy consumption, charging and more, thereby helping them take informed business decisions.

increase in revenue
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ITHENA’ Smart Street Light Solution for a renowned mall in the US

A renowned mall in US was struggling with the issue of soaring energy bills and maintenance expenses. On analysing the situation, it was understood that the electricity consumption at their parking lot was high due to lack of natural light.

iSSL, our smart street lighting solution was deployed at the parking lot to help the client reduce their energy bills. Equipped with a wireless control system and advanced motion sensors, iSSL helped the client carry out smart scheduling, thereby adjusting the lighting levels automatically based on vehicular or human presence. It also helped them in tracking energy usage and provided alerts during outages.

reduction in energy costs
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Enabling asset tracking and management for a leading logistics company

A leading logistics company was facing challenges in tracking and managing their transportation vehicles. They experienced delays and inefficiencies due to manual tracking methods and lack of real-time data. The client was therefore looking for a solution that would help them track their assets in real-time and get better visibility into their operations.

Our asset tracking system was implemented to help the client overcome these challenges by helping them track their transportation vehicles. IoT enabled GPS tracking devices were installed so that the client could have real-time access to critical data related to vehicle location, temperature, humidity and more, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

increase in operational efficiency
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Smart Marketplace

Helping businesses take the next big leap!


ITHENA’s packaged marketplace solutions help organizations deliver unparalleled Customer Experiences!

ITHENA's smart marketplace solutions help businesses reduce time to market by gearing them up with applications that increase customer reach and generate customer insights. From providing a dynamic OTT platform for media industries to helping businesses extract and handle enormous customer data - Transform your customer engagement & experience NOW!

Our solutions are built on the nimble capabilities of the MEAN | MERN stack, Python & Web 3.0 components, and scale through modern, mobile apps - to help you get the most value of third-party Big Data | Your own Content | Your Customer's Behavior - all in one place.

Know how our Smart Marketplace solutions have
helped businesses

ITHENA’s iSIP platform for a global energy technology company

The client is a renowned energy technology company operating worldwide, specializes in microinverter-based solar and battery systems. They sought to gain valuable insights into their marketing campaigns, but encountered difficulties in efficiently gathering data from their social media platforms.

To address this challenge, our team implemented iSIP, an advanced social intelligence platform driven by artificial intelligence. By leveraging iSIP, the client successfully aggregated complex customer signals from all their social media platforms, enabling them to analyze campaign performance, make necessary adjustments, and ultimately increase return on investment (ROI) for their marketing spends.

increase in marketing ROI
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Transforming client’s svod streaming platform with ITHENA’s OTT solution

Our client, who offers SVOD streaming content through a dedicated OTT platform, faced the challenge of driving growth and engagement in a highly competitive market.

To address these challenges, ITHENA implemented a multi-faceted OTT solution. The client successfully engaged in partner integration with ITHENA's OTT platform resulting in a significant increase in the international audience and content reach.

Additionally, robust security measures, including DRM, were implemented to safeguard their content against unauthorized access and piracy, ensuring content privacy. By expanding content offerings and fostering strategic partnerships, our client achieved substantial revenue growth by attracting new users and retaining existing subscribers.

increase in customer reach
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