Energy Management


ITHENA’s smart energy management solution (iSEMS) monitors and reports energy usage in facilities helping businesses get a drilled down view of the energy consumption of assets. It helps organizations improve their energy performance resulting in saving on energy costs, reducing carbon footprint and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Powered by IoT and AI-based analytics, iSEMS is a smart and modular energy information and management application that helps industrial and commercial organizations become energy efficient, save costs and be more sustainable. iSEMS helps businesses control and optimize the use of Water, Air, Gas, Electricity and Steam (W.A.G.E.S), thereby reducing operational expenses. It analyses the data received from various energy assets and helps organizations in identifying opportunities for improving efficiency.

Green House Emission
calculation categories

Scope 1

GHC emissions include those from
combustion of diesel fuel and fugitive

Scope 2

Direct Power Consumption attributable to
investment in PPAs, and alternative energy

Scope 3

Includes emissions that result from raw material extraction, product manufacturing, and packaging, including warehouse storage, EOL, etc.

Bridging the gap between Energy Monitoring and Consultation!

Assisting in
energy audits

Identifying energy
and targets

Strategizing and building
sustainability roadmap

IoT-based application for monitoring, measurements and analysis

Solution deployment
and support

ITHENA offers end – to – end solution for monitoring, auditing and optimizing the
use of W.A.G.E.S which in turn helps businesses in:

Reducing operational


Achieving sustainability


1) 30% reduction in operational costs by reducing energy wastage

2) Ability to corelate production cost to energy cost through detailed energy reports

3) Meet sustainability goals and compliance requirements by reducing carbon emissions

4) Maximize equipment performance and reduce downtime through detection of power quality issues

5) Faster decision-making owing to availability of real-time monitoring of energy data

6) End – to – end implementation in ~6 weeks

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