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ITHENA's Cloud & Process Integration services help businesses connect disparate applications in unison, through a managed cloud experience. Whether you have private cloud-based applications, hybrid systems across multiple cloud providers, engage with ITHENA to build a continuous development & deployment pipeline of Cloud Applications.

From migration to upgrade, monolithic to Micro-Service based Architectures, we help customers re-build or enhance their next journey of transformation with:
scale | robustness | security | ease | automation | integrated business process

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Cloud infrastructure service for industry-leading technology services provider

Our client, who delivers industry-leading capabilities with a broad portfolio of technology services, was confronted with challenges including high costs, limited support, scalability issues, and security threats.

To address these issues, ITHENA offered the client its Cloud service, enabling the migration and automation of data backups and reporting. The technical validation process encompassed the operating system, compute, storage, and network link, along with the application of missing patches for Fusion Middleware and the Applications tier. As a result, the client experienced a reduction in total cost of ownership through efficient utilization of cloud infrastructure, while security was enhanced with features such as data encryption and vulnerability scanning.

reduction in total cost of ownership
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Organization-wide process improvements and new functionalities with ITHENA’s Process Integration service.

Our client, a renowned manufacturer of Steel Pails, faced significant operational challenges stemming from manual interventions in ERP processes, limited visibility into inventory statuses across departments, revenue loss due to delayed response, and inefficiencies caused by repetitive tasks.

To address these issues, ITHENA took up a project to identify suitable processes for automation, including Sales Order Management, Scheduling, and Distribution. This initiative resulted in cost reduction by minimizing the need for manual intervention and enhancing operational efficiency.

increase in operational efficiency
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