ITHENA’s Social Intelligence Platform (iSIP) is an AI – powered middleware application that interacts with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Google and Facebook. It acts as a bridge between the backend and frontend and helps in connecting different applications seamlessly, despite their heterogenous nature. Essentially functioning as a hidden translation layer, the middleware ingests complex event streams of customer signals every sub second, and enables communication and data management for distributed applications. 

iSIP acts as a web-based middleware platform that connects with different application architectures or social media platforms such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. It extracts data from a business’ social media channels and stores them for further use. Data from these sources is further used by organizations to analyze and generate business insights.


Job Configuration

User Management

Job Run

Data Capture

Structured data for
downstream analysis

Web – based


User Engagement

Understand user behaviors and enable
design of guided experiences

Product Engagement

Improve adoption, increase stickiness,
and accelerate growth

Revenue Growth

Attract, retain, and nurture
your customers

Support and Self Service

Enable design of In-app support
and serviceability

Feedback Collection

Understand user

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